Women in Clothes

by Lauren Westerfield

Me in a shirt that looks vintage, but isn't.

Me in a shirt that looks vintage, but isn’t.

I’m so excited about this new book, Women in Clothes. In an age where we bandy about the phrase “personal style” like nobody’s business, taking the “fashion” connotations out of this idea–and replacing them with real life women, real life stories, real life understanding of what a look, a shirt, a pair of boots, a tube of lipstick, can mean at any given point in time–well, it’s a step towards reclaiming the stories in our closets. Real stories. Just because they rest on a hangar doesn’t make these stories shallow. Clothes are something we give, share, pass down, don like a costume, shed like a skin. They can shape us if we let them, if we want them to. We can make them something different with a walk, a slouch, a skipped button.

Here’s to letting clothes sing. Objects and heirlooms along with the rest. Little libraries of our lives, filled with stories waiting to be worn.