Third Time Around

by Lauren Westerfield

“This fall marks my third foray into MFA applications. By the time I submit the last batch of samples, transcripts, tears and hope, I’ll be thirty. I’d like to think there’s something auspicious about all these “3’s” — that they signify manifestation of dreams, maybe, or even good old-fashioned luck. But looking back, I’m mostly just grateful: for the false starts, trials, errors and confusions of the past two cycles that have landed me here, finally ready, finally clear on what I want to explore as a writer and how an MFA best fits into that dream.”

Read the rest of my introduction post as a contributing blogger over at The MFA Years…and for anyone who’s taking part in this crazy process, explore the site for great resources and a variety of voices getting down and dirty with the realities of MFA & applicant life.